Friday, February 13, 2015

RN #253 Thomas Jones(es) VA

This notebook contains my work on the name "Thomas Jones" as it clustered among the same family generation(s).  It is especially difficult to sort through a group of possible ancestors that lived during the same time period, and have the same name.  For me, this was Thomas Jones.

Clustering those who share a part of the individuals connected to the one being researched can often help break down some of those brick walls.  This notebook contains the surnames: 1) Rowzie/ Rowse/ Rowzee/ Rouzee/ Rousey/ Rouzey/ Rousee/ Rouse, 2) Slaughter, 3) Catlett, 4) Beverley, 5) Booth, 6) Butler, 7) and of course Thomas Jones.  This is what I call "cluster analysis".  This is an ongoing, active research notebook.

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